Noah, son of Corihor is a character from the Book of Mormon's Book of Ether. Noah was a Jaredite who rebelled against the the king and uncle Shule and also his father, Corihor. Along with his brother Cohor, he divided the Jaredite kingdom and sought to overthrow Shule. Over a series of battles, Noah first succeeded in obtaining the land of the Jaredites' first inheritance (where Shule ruled), and ultimately ended up capturing Shule himself. As he was about to kill Shule, however, the sons of Shule crept into his house at night and killed him. This left dual kingdoms run by Shule and Noah's sons, namely Cohor. This lasted until Cohor was killed by Shule in battle and his son Nimrod turned his rebelling kingdom over to Shule and reunited the Jaredites again under one ruler.

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