Nishmat: The Jewish Center for the Advanced Study of Women is a Modern Orthodox Jewish institution of higher Torah learning for women, or midrasha.[1] It was one of the first places in the world to teach Jewish women Talmud and in-depth Halakha intensely and systematically. Along with Midreshet Lindenbaum it is one of the foremost institutions for expanding the formal religious role of women in the Modern Orthodox world. It is located in the Pat neighborhood in Jerusalem.

In addition to general programs in advanced Jewish studies, Nishmat has a program to train Yoatzot, advisers in Halakha (Jewish religious law) concerning matters particular to women, such as laws of Niddah (family purity) and health issues.

Nishmat offers text-based learning programs to women of different ages and background. The English-speaking programs offer beginners, intermediate and advanced level shiurim (classes). Nishmat prides itself on chevruta-based (pairs) learning, as well as guided intellectual and spiritual growth.



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