Nkiita Stolpnik

Nikita Stylites (fresco, XVIII c.)

Venerable Nikita Stylites, a saint of 12th century Russia, led a dissolute life in his youth. However, upon entering a church on a certain occasion he heard the words of the Prophet Isaiah (1:16) 'Wash you (of your sins), make you clean;' with this a profound conversion was effected in his soul.

Thus converted Nikita left all he possessed and entered upon the ascetic life near Pereyaslavl. His discipline led him to bind himself in chains and enclose himself within a pillar, thus the title 'stylite'. He became well known as a healer.

Nikita Stylites was killed 16 May 1186 during a robbery, the thieves having believed the hermit to have been bound by silver chains.

Venerable Nikita is commemorated 24 May by the Russian Orthodox Church.[1]


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