In Norse mythology, Nidavellir (Dark fields) is one of the Nine Worlds and home of the Dwarves. Hreidmar is the king of Nidavellir. Nida means dark. Vellir means Dwelling. It should however be noted that it is translated as 'Fields' sometimes. 'Nidavallir' is the more recognized name but in the Völuspa it is written as Nidavöllum. Völlom simply means field.


It is mentioned in the Völuspá:

Stóð fyr norðan, / á Niðavöllom / salr úr gulli / Sindra ættar

("North, on the Niðavellir, stands the dwelling place of Sindri's kin, Covered with gold").

Sindri was a famous dwarf. It might be related to the later-mentioned Niðafjöll (the Dark Fells), a mountain chain in the underworld. Niðavellir has often been interpreted as one of the nine worlds of Norse cosmology. As such it might be identical to the Svartálfheim mentioned in the Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson; as svartálfar (black-elves) are generally thought by scholars to be a synonym used only by Snorri for dvergar (dwarves).

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