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Founders Terry Virgo
Type Christian youth event
Founded August 2004
Headquarters United Kingdom UK
Staff Joel Virgo, Simon Branding
Owner Newfrontiers
Motto "A generation is emerging."

Newday, established since August 2004, is an annual Christian youth festival organized by the Newfrontiers family of churches.[1][2] The event is aimed at youths between the ages of 12 to 19, either Christian or non-Christian.[3]

File:This is life.jpeg

During the festival, a live album is often recorded such as "This is Life" CD recorded in 2008.[4]


Newday's stated vision is to bring God into the lives of young people through social action.[5][6] This includes performing voluntary community work during the festival period, worshipping God through music, preachers and prayers.[7][8]

Past events


The first Newday event in 2004 was held at Newark showground, Lincolnshire. At the first event 3500 youths attended.[9] This event was interrupted by torrential rainfall flooding the camp site causing many young people to be evacuated into nearby schools and leisure centres.[10]





In 2005, the launch of Newday and three evening meetings were held at Notts County Stadium, Nottingham. Over 5000 youths attended.[11]



  • Joel Virgo
  • Adrian Holloway
  • Steven Van Rhyn



In 2006, Newday was relocated Uttoxeter Racecourse, Staffordshire.[12] Almost 6000 youths attended.[13]


  • Paul Oakley
  • Simon Brading
  • Siyoli Lusaseni and Phatfish


  • Phil Wilthew
  • Adrian Holloway
  • Stef Liston



In 2007, Newday was once again at Uttoxeter, Staffordshire with social action and outreach in Derby. The event took place between 2nd and 7th of August and over 6000 youths attended.[14]





In 2008, Newday was again at Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. The event took place between 2nd and 7th of August and approximately 7000 youths attended.[15] During the event 315 people were saved and the offering reached £112,000.[15]



  • Joel Virgo
  • Stef Liston
  • P J Smyth
  • Adrian Holloway
  • Terry Virgo
  • Simon Brading
  • Andrew Wilson



In 2009, Newday moved to Norfolk Showground, Norwich and was held between the 1st and 6th of August. Approximately 7000 people attended the 2009 event.[16] At Newday 2009, 361 Christians committed their lives to Jesus for the first time and 316 people were healed on Wednesday night.




  • Four Kornerz
  • Verra Cruz
  • 29th Chapter
  • Phatfish
  • Portland


Newday offers a variety of different entertainment for its youth.

There are six main cafés or bars:

  • The Global Cafe (with Christian merchandise, odd-flavoured milkshakes and Fairtrade products)
  • The Pink Bar (female café and salon)
  • Café Edge (watch upcoming Christian bands)
  • Café Froth
  • The Gents (new from 2008, with PS3 and phone chargers)
  • The Rhythm Factory (new for 2009)

Other activities include:


Many of those attending often comment on the amount of rain that seems to fall every year. This was especially highlighted in 2004 with severe flooding, when an evacuation was necessary.[10] Every year it has rained at Newday and, although possibly a coincidence, this is seen by many as an act of God.

In a meeting at the first Newday, after everyone had returned from evacuation, a woman got up on stage and gave a prophecy. As she got up on stage it started raining and she said that the rain was sent by God to symbolise the youth pouring down on the area (Nottingham). When she got off stage it stopped raining.

The subject of "rain" is linked to many aspects of Newday. Many of the words that people claim are prophetic seem to have mention of rain or flooding/running water.

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