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New Skete
Rank or attached monastery St. Paul's
Type of community Idiorrhythmic Skete
Founded 1700s
Superior unknown
Approx. size 40 (at 1990)
Location West, near St. Paul's
Liturgical language(s) Greek
Music used Byzantine chant
Feastdays celebrated unknown

New Skete on Mount Athos is one of two sketes attached to St. Paul's Monastery. It is located between St. Paul's Monastery and St. Anne's Skete. In 1760, the central church of the skete was built and dedicated to the Nativity of the Theotokos.

The Skete contains 40 fathers in 28 semi-independant residences. Their handicraft is iconography, wood carving and farming.

In addition to relics, the monastery possesses a library of 200 manuscripts and 500 old printed books.

There have been speculations that New Skete is on the site of what used to be a city; these speculations have been supported by many graves, coins and artifacts being found there.

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