New Humanist
Editor Caspar Melville
Categories Politics, rationalism
Frequency Bi-monthly
Publisher Rationalist Association
First issue 1885 (Under the name of 'Watt's Literary Guide')
Country United Kingdom,
Language English
Website Official site
ISSN 0306-512X

New Humanist is the leading journal of Humanism, atheism, secularism and freethought in the United Kingdom. It has been published for 120 years by the Rationalist Association, starting out as Watts's Literary Guide in November 1885.

Today, it embraces a broad range of subjects, from a Humanist perspective. Past and present contributors include HG Wells, Phillip Pullman, Bertrand Russell, Nicolas Walter, Laurie Taylor, Noam Chomsky, Stan Cohen, Christopher Hitchens, Polly Toynbee, Baroness Susan Greenfield, Nick Cohen, Richard Dawkins and many more. The current editor is Caspar Melville.[1] New Humanist is a member of the Eurozine network.

Prior to 1941, a different magazine with the same name, New Humanist, was the first periodical issued by the modern Humanist movement in the United States of America and was in continuous publication from 1928 through to 1936. In 1933 it published the first Humanist Manifesto. After a hiatus of four years it was succeeded by The Humanist in 1941.


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