Neve Shalom Synagogue
Basic information
Location Büyük Hendek Caddesi 61
Turkey Istanbul, Turkey
Affiliation Orthodox Judaism
District Galata
Year consecrated 1951
Status Active
Website Neve Shalom Synagogue Official Website
Architectural description
Architect(s) Elyo Ventura and Bernar Motola
Capacity 2,000

Neve Shalom Synagogue, (Turkish: Neve Şalom Sinagogu, Hebrew: בית הכנסת נווה שלום‎; lit. "Oasis of Peace" or "Valley of Peace"), is a synagogue located in the Galata district of Istanbul, Turkey.

When the Jewish population in the old Pera and Galata districts (today encompassed by Beyoğlu district) increased in the late 1930s, a Jewish primary school in the area was torn down in 1949 in order to build a new synagogue and the construction was completed in 1951. The architects were Elyo Ventura and Bernar Motola, young Turkish Jews. The inauguration with the presence of the Chief Rabbi of Turkey of the time, Hakham Bashi Rafael David Saban, was on Sunday, March 25, 1951 (17 Veadar 5711, Hebrew calendar).

Neve Shalom is the central and largest Sephardic synagogue in Istanbul, open to service especially on Shabbats, High Holidays, Bar Mitzvahs, funerals and weddings.

Neve Shalom suffered three terrorist attacks:

Coordinates: 41°01′36.1″N 28°58′20.7″E / 41.026694°N 28.972417°E / 41.026694; 28.972417

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