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Nerses IV the Gracious
Nerses shnorhali illustration

Nerses IV the Gracious illustration in 1898 book «Illustrated Armenia and Armenians» [1]

Term began 1166 AD
Term ended 13 August 1173
Predecessor Gregory III of Cilicia
Successor Gregory IV the Young
Born 1098 AD
Died 13 August 1173 AD

Nerses IV the Gracious (Armenian: Ներսէս Շնորհալի, also Nerses Shnorhali or Saint Nerses the Graceful), (1098 - 13 August 1173) - was Catholicos of Armenia (1166-1173), theologian, poet, writer and religious hymn composer. Nerses was born in 1100 A.D., a member of the noble Pahlavuni family, near present day Aintab, Turkey. While in office, he moved the see of the Catholicos from Sis to Hromkla (Rum Kale). A more precise translation of his epithet "Shnorhali" is "filled with Grace".


  1. Tigranes the Great illustration in 1898 book «Illustrated Armenia and Armenians» [1]
Preceded by
Gregory III of Cilicia
Catholicoi of the Holy See of Cilicia
Succeeded by
Gregory IV the Young

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