Nergal-sharezer or Neriglissar was King of Babylon from 560 to 556 BC. He was the son-in-law of Nebuchadrezzar II, whose son and heir, Amel-Marduk, Nergal-sharezer murdered and succeeded. A Babylonian chronicle describes his western war in 557/556.

External links

  • ABC 6: Babylonian Chronicle of the Third Year of Neriglissar.
Preceded by
King of Babylon
560–556 BC
Succeeded by

cs:Neriglissarhak:Nài-lî-kak-li-sâ-ngìhu:Nergál-sar-uszurja:ネルガル・シャレゼル no:Neriglissarpt:Neriglissar ru:Нергал-шар-уцур sh:Nergal-šar-usur zh:涅里格利沙爾

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