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Nazoraioi (Ναζωραιοι) were mentioned by Theodoretus (Century V) as Jews who believed that the Jewish messiah was nothing more nor less than a Tzadik. According to him they later came to adopt a Hebrew Gospel of Matthias (see also the Gospel According to the Hebrews) based upon Peter's account, which was probably nothing more than a Toledoth. Nazoraioi is the plural form of Nazoraios (Ναζωραιος), the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew "Nazor" (נזר) (Aramaic Nazora) meaning consecrated. They have often been confused with their Mandaean opponents. Muhammad's uncle, Waraqa bin Naufal bin Asad bin 'Abdul 'Uzza, who used to write scripts with Hebrew letters and learned from those that followed the Torah and the Injeel: "He would write from the Gospel in Hebrew as much as Allah wished him to write", is often explained away as having originally been such a Jew.


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