Nathaniel Marvin "Nat" Wolff (born December 17, 1994) is a Jewish American child actor, singer-songwriter, composer and keyboardist. He was best known for his role as himself on the Nickelodeon series The Naked Brothers Band.



Wolff was born in Los Angeles, California to actress Polly Draper and jazz pianist Michael Wolff. He is the older brother of actor Alex. The Wolff family is culturally Jewish. He says that in his spare time he likes to play basketball, write music, and play with the family's dog, E.T.[1]

When Wolff was very young, he put signs on his bedroom door stating: "I want to be a child actor!" At first, his mother refused because she didn't want her children exposed to superstardom because they were very young. As a result, Draper decided to please Nat by filming his own sitcom called, Don't Eat Off My Plate.[2]


Wolff is the lead singer-songwriter and keyboardist for The Naked Brothers Band, which he created with his brother Alex whom is the drummer. Nat gained notice in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks when he held his birthday party at his apartment; it was for the children of New York City Fire Department's Squad 18, which is where he performed his own composition entitled "Firefighters". He has performed Off Broadway in Getting Into Heaven with Cooper Pillot, which his mother wrote; he also starred in The Heart of Baghdad.[3]

Wolff became best known for his starring role in the Nickelodeon television series The Naked Brothers Band, which was created by his mother actress Polly Draper. The series is a parody of the sibling's lives and it began as The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie, which was in the style of a mock documentary, was also written and directed by his mother; it was later co-opted by the television channel. In a New York Times article, Wolff explains why he enjoyed working on the television show: "I always loved it. I love the Beatles—I know every Beatles song—I wanted to be like them. It's all based on reality; it's not like work. It's things we might say or do or want to say or do. I like the feeling of creating something that wasn't there. If we have another season, I'm totally getting ideas."[3]


Year Film Role Notes
2005The Naked Brothers Band: The MovieHimself
2007The Naked Brothers BandHimself40 episodes, 2007-2009
2009Mr. Troop MomHimself
BrainSurgeHimself1 episode-"Celebrity BrainSurge"


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