Nammoora Jatre is a major Hindu festival associated with Lord Tontadraya Math held at Gadag in the state of Karnataka, India during the months of February (Summer Season).

The festival


Rath Yatra consists of two words: rath, meaning a chariot; and yatra, which means a pilgrimage, a journey or a procession. Accordingly, rath yatra describes a procession of chariots, generally drawn by horses. Vedic scripture speaks of Rath in various contexts, and in the epic wars of the Mahabarath, Rathas formed a major means of movement of warriors. There were many famous Rath Yatras in Hindu legend.


Ratha Jatra, the Festival of Tontadraya math is celebrated every year at Gadag, in Karnataka state

Sanctity and Significance

The Teru

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