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District North
Government Local council
Hebrew נַחְף
Arabic نحف
Also spelled Nahef (officially)

Naḥf (unofficially)

Population 10,300 (2006)
Area 6077 dunams (6.077 km2; 2.346 sq mi)
Coordinates 32°55′53.94″N 35°19′10.51″E / 32.93165°N 35.3195861°E / 32.93165; 35.3195861Coordinates: 32°55′53.94″N 35°19′10.51″E / 32.93165°N 35.3195861°E / 32.93165; 35.3195861

Nahf (Arabic: نحف‎, Naḥf or Nahef; Hebrew: נַחְף‎) is an Arab local council in the North District Israel. It is located in the between the Lower and Upper Galilee, about 23 kilometres (14 mi) east of Acre. According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, its population was 10,300 at the end of 2006.[1] All of the inhabitants are Arab, with 99.9% Muslims.


Nahf was captured by Israel on July 18, 1948 during Operation Dekel led by the Sheva (Seventh) Brigade. Its defenders included the town's local militia as well as Arab Liberation Army volunteers. The town was left intact and most residents did not flee their homes. In and around Nahf, there are a number of archeological remains dating from the Middle Ages, including mosaics and a cemetery. In a nearby location lies the shrines of Muslim leaders of Sheik Muhammad Rabiah and Sheik Mahmud who fought against the Crusaders. The Auba cave, which dates from the time of the Assyrians is also located here.[2]

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