Naftali Tzvi Labin of Ziditshov
Ziditshoiver Rebbe z"l
Naftali Tzvi Labin of Ziditshov
Full name Naftali Tzvi Labin
Born c. 1916
Dynasty Zidichov
Predecessor  ???
Successor Grand Rabbi Yeshaya Labin
Father Alexander Yom Tov Lipa Labin
Wife  ??? Labin
Issue Alexander Yom Tov Lipa Labin Z"L
Shlomo Dov Labin
Moshe Labin
Yeshaya Labin
Aharon Maier Labin
Yitzchak Isaac Labin
Hinda Kohn
Esther Malka Segal-Loewy

Naftali Tzvi Labin of Zidichov (נפתלי צבי לאבין מזידיטשוב) (born approx. 1916) is the current Zidichover rebbe. He was born in Ziditshoiv, Galicia, which was then a province of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, where this hasidic group was first founded by Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh of Zidichov. He later replanted the movement in London, and then Brooklyn, New York, and Monticello, NY.

Rabbi Labin was very close to many rebbes of the previous generation, including Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, the Satmar Rebbe; Rabbi Aharon Rokeach, the previous rebbe of Belz; Rebbe Moshe Yitzchak Gevirtzman, (Reb Itzikl) of Pshevorsk; and Rebbe Yaakov Leiser (Reb Yankele) of Pshevorsk.

Zidichov Today

After the Rebbe of Ziditchov Naftali Tzvi Labin z"l passed away, his son Rabbi Yeshaya Labin is now the Grand Rebbe of Ziditchov


"If you listen to, and you do what and when evil wants you to do, evil owns you. If you say to evil ok I’ll do it, 'just let me have 5 minutes before doing it' you are still his friend, but he does not own you."


  • Rabbi Sender Lipa Labin
  • Rabbi Shlomo Dov Labin, rabbi of the Ziditshoiver beis medrash in London
  • Rabbi Moshe Labin, Drubitsher Rebbe
  • Rabbi Yeshaya Labin Grand Rebbe of Ziditchov

he lives In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and olso in Ziditchover Village in Monticello, NY

  • Rabbi Aharon Maier Labin, Bolchav Rebb in Williamsburg
  • Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Labin, Ziditchover Rov in Bnei Brak

Rabbi Labin also has two daughters, who are both married to hasidic rebbes:

  • Rebbe Dovid Kohn — the present Toldos Aharon Rebbe in Jerusalem
  • Rabbi Elimelech Segal-Loewy of Tosh — son of Rebbe Meshulam Feish

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