In the Book of Exodus and Book of Numbers, Nadab (Hebrew: נדב, Nadav ; "generous, giving") and Abihu (Hebrew: אביהוא, Avihu ; "He God is my father") were respectively the eldest and second-eldest of the sons of Aaron.[1][2][3] They were consecrated to the priest's office along with their brothers Eleazar and Ithamar.[4] With their father, Nadab and Abihu accompanied the seventy elders part of the way up the mount with Moses.[5]

Following the inauguration of the Tabernacle, Nadab and Abihu offered incense in their censers filled with "strange" fire, i.e., not with holy fire taken from the great brazen altar,[6][not in citation given] and for this offense they were immediately consumed by a fire from God, and were taken out and buried outside the camp.[7][8][not in citation given]



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