Naaran or Na'aran (Hebrew: נערן‎, lit. juvenile or boyish) was a Jewish settlement and synagogue during the 5th and 6th century AD and was located north of Jericho, in Ephraim, between Bethel and Jericho. The synagogue floor has a mosaic floor with several designs. In the middle of the floor there is a large wheel of the zodiac. The wheel is not completely intact, with theories relating to zealots removing the figures. Over the last 10 years the site has been completely abandoned and the mosaic floor continues to deteriorate. In 1 Chronicles 7:28 it is mentioned as one of the towns in the Eastern part of Ephraim.

The modern Israeli settlement of Niran is named after it, although it is located several kilometers to the north.

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Coordinates: 31°53′02″N 35°26′41″E / 31.883826°N 35.444813°E / 31.883826; 35.444813

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