Nuetschau Holzschnitt

Nütschau manor house (woodcut)

Nütschau Priory (in German Kloster Nütschau or Priorat Sankt Ansgar) is a house of the Benedictine Order located at Travenbrück near Bad Oldesloe, Stormarn, Schleswig-Holstein in Germany.


Occupying the former Nütschau manor house (Herrenhaus Nütschau), built in 1577-79 by Heinrich Rantzau, this community originated after World War II as a refuge for displaced persons, particularly Catholics from the former German territories.

The church acquired the site in 1951 and at the request of Hermann Wilhelm Berning, the Bishop of Osnabrück, it was developed by and staffed from Gerleve Abbey. St. Ansgar's House (Haus Sankt Ansgar) opened in 1951. In 1955 the community was raised to the status of a priory under Gerleve, and in 1975 Nütschau became an independent monastery, which now includes a training house and a youth house.

The priory is part of the Beuronese Congregation.


Under direct control of the Abbot of Gerleve:

1951-60 Pius Buddenborg

Priory of Gerleve Abbey

1960-71 Amandus Eilermann
1971-75 Gaudentius Sauermann

Independent priory

1975-94 Gaudentius Sauermann
1994 Antonius Terstiege
From 1994 Leo Overmeyer

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Coordinates: 53°49′21″N 10°19′36″E / 53.8225°N 10.32667°E / 53.8225; 10.32667

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