The mythologies in present-day France encompass the mythology of the Gauls, Franks, Normans, Bretons, and other peoples living in France, those ancient stories about divine or heroic beings that these particular cultures believed to be true and that often use supernatural events or characters to explain the nature of the universe and humanity. French mythology is listed for each culture.


Bretons are a subset of Celtic people that adopted Christianity. Celtic cosmology predominates their mythology:

Gaul (Celtic)

Gauls were another subset of Celtic people. Celtic cosmology predominates their mythology:


Frankish mythology and legends revolve around Charlemagne as champion of Christianity and mythological king]to France. A Christian cosmology and epic stories predominate. While not entirely about mythology, these legendary histories of France contain some mythological epic qualities:


The Normans have Norse mythology in their Viking heritage, however, they were known to readily assimilate into other cultures. After a generation or two, the Normans were generally indistinguishable from their French neighbours.

Medieval France

The following magical and legendary creatures in French narratives of the Middle Ages have mythological roots. While many of the original myths were replaced by Christianity, these mythological creatures remained a part of the cultural folklore, legend, epics and fairy tales as part of deeply embedded spiritual allegories and mythological archetypes:

  • Fee - Fairies and Elves- The word Fairy comes from the French name of the Fates in Greek mythology, but they had morphed into strange, fantastic, magical beings.
  • Dames Blanches - were female spirits, who may come from the mythology of the Matres guardian goddesses.

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