Muslim Devotees (also called Guru de Mureed) were devotees of Guru Nanak. The following is a list of some of the more prominent Muslim Devotees of the Guru:

  1. Rai Bular - Met Guru Nanak at Talvandi
  2. Bhai Mardana - met Guru Nanak at Talwandi
  3. Bhai Ajamal - met Guru Nanak at Talwandi
  4. Nawab Daulat Khan - Met Guru Nanak at Chuhrkhana
  5. Sheikh Sajjan - Met Guru Nanak at Tulambha
  6. Baba Wali Kandhari - Met Guru Nanak at Hassan Abdal
  7. Pir Buddan Shah - Met Guru Nanak at Kiratpur
  8. Faqir Lakkad Shah - met Guru Nanak at Nanded
  9. Peer Bahlol Dana - met Guru Nanak at Baghdad
  10. Pir Ruk - n - din - met Guru Nanak at Mecca
  11. Sheik Brahm - Met Guru Nanak at Ajodhan
  12. Sheikh Tahar - Met Guru Nanak at Panipat
  13. Ruhela Pathan - Took Panga With Guru Nanak at Tanda
  14. Peer Hamza Gons - Met Guru Nanak at Sialkot
  15. Noor Nushtar - Met Guru Nanak at Shikarpur
  16. Dawood - Met Guru Nanak at Shikarpur
  17. Allah Shah - Was one of the appointed Manji of Guru Amar Dass
  18. Sayi Miya Meer - met Guru Arjun Dev
  19. Khawaja Roshan - met Guru Hargobind at Hargobindpur
  20. Baba Jaani Shah - met Guru Hargobind at Hargobindpur
  21. Anwar Khan - Muslim Devotee of Guru Hargobind ji
  22. Gani Khan - Met Gobind Guru at machiwarha
  23. Nabi Khan - Met Gobind Guru at Machiwarha
  24. Kotla Nihang Khan - Met Gobind Singh at Ropad
  25. Peer Buddhu Shah - Helped Guru Gobind Singh at Paonta
  26. Peer Bhikhan Shah - Met Guru Gobind Singh at Patna
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