The Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA) started in 2005 "is an organization committed to Muslim issues and concerns that especially impact indigenous Muslims—issues and concerns that we feel have been largely neglected. With the launch of this web site we are inviting masjids, organizations and individuals to join MANA." [1]


Accessed August 2007: [2]

Executive council

  • Siraj Wahhaj, Amir - Imam, Masjid Al-Taqwa
  • Talib Abdur-Rashid, Deputy Amir - Imam, Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood
  • Ihsan Bagby, General Secretary - Professor, U of Kentucky
  • Luqman Abdul Haqq - Chair, Universal Companies
  • Johari Abdul Malik - Outreach Coor, Dar al-Hijrah
  • Asim Abdur Rashid - Imam, Masjid Mujahidin,
  • Amir Al-Islam - Professor, Medgar Evers College
  • Altaf Husain - Former President MSA, LSW


Governing body

  • Hodari Abdul-Ali, Businessman and Activist (DC)
  • Musa Abdul Alim, Imam, Masjid al-Islam (DC)
  • Luqman Abdul Haqq, President, Universal Companies (Phila)
  • Luqman Amin Abdullah, Imam, Masjid Al-Haqq (Detroit)
  • Johari Abdur Malik, Director Outreach, Dar al-Hijrah (VA)
  • Jihad Abdul-Mumit, Activist (VA)
  • Khalil Abdul-Rahman, Imam (Greensboro, NC)
  • Asim Abdur-Rashid, Imam, Masjid Mujahidin (Phila)
  • Talib Abdur-Rashid Imam, Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood (NY)
  • Mutawwaf Abdush-Shaheed, Imam, Masjid Al-Mu’min (Cleveland)
  • Abbas Ahmad, Imam, First Cleveland Mosque (Cleveland)
  • Luqman Ahmad, Imam and writer (Phila)
  • Nadim Sulaiman Ali, Imam (Atlanta)
  • Amir Al-Islam, Professor, Medger Evers College
  • Ihsan Bagby, Professor, U. of Kentucky
  • Aneesah Nadir, Professor, Arizona State University
  • R. M. Mukhtar Curtis, Chaplain in Federal Prison Bureau (MI)
  • Umar al-Khattab, Imam, Masjid al-Fajr (Indianapolis)
  • Khalid Abdul-Fatah Griggs, Imam, Community Mosque (Winston-Salem)
  • Altaf Husain, Former President MSA
  • Anwar Muhaimin, Imam, International Muslim Brotherhood (Phila)
  • Rami Nashashibi, Executive Director, Inner-City Muslim Network
  • Muhammad Shareef, Amir, Sankore Institute
  • Siraj Wahhaj, Imam, Masjid al-Taqwa (NY)


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