Musbah bint Nasser
Queen consort of Jordan

Tenure 1949 – 20 July 1951
Spouse Abdullah I
Princess Haya bint Abdullah
King Talal I
Father Amir Nasser Pasha
Mother Dilber Khanum
Born 1884
Mecca, Ottoman Empire
Died 15 March 1961
Irbid, Jordan

Musbah bint Nasser was the first queen consort of Jordan.

She was born in 1884 in Mecca, Ottoman Empire. She was the elder twin daughter of Amir Nasser Pasha and his wife Dilber Khanum.

In 1904 Musbah married Sayyid Abdullah bin al-Husayn later King Abdullah I of Jordan at Stinia Palace, Constantinople. She bore him a son and two daughters:

Abdullah went on to take two more wives and married Princess Suzdil Khanum in 1913 and Nahda bint Uman in 1949, making Musbah his senior wife. When in 1949 Adbullah was proclaimed King of Jordan, Musbah being his first wife became Queen Musbah of Jordan.

Queen Musbah died 15 March 1961 in Irbid, Jordan.

Royal titles
New title Queen consort of Jordan
1949 – 20 July 1951
Succeeded by
Zein al-Sharaf Talal

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