Multisensory worship or multi-sensory worship is a form of alternative worship, which has been associated with the Emerging Church, though one could consider the Early Church and worship in the Old Testament as quite "multisensory". Multisensory worship is part prayer, part worship. It usually involves prayer stations that evoke the physical senses. As opposed to just reading a book or hearing a sermon, a room is set up to have an experience that involves the physical body in the act of worship.

Corporate worship that is multi-sensory is designed to engage the senses or as Bob Rognlien wrote in his book "Experiential Worship" - worship that engages the heart, soul, mind and strength. Leonard Sweet has a theory called EPIC, where he writes that preaching and worship should be: Experiential, Participatory, Image-rich and Connective. Greg Atkinson speaks and writes on engaging the senses in corporate worship through his seminars and website: mSw.

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