Muhammad: The Last Prophet
Promotional film poster for Muhammad: The Last Prophet
Directed by Richard Rich
Produced by Terry L. Noss
Thomas J. Tobin
Written by Brian Nissen
Starring Eli Allem
Nicholas Kadi
Music by William Kidd
Studio RichCrest Animation Studios
Distributed by Fine Media Group
Badr International
Release date(s) November 14, 2004
Running time 95 minutes
Country Template:Flag
Language English and Arabic

Muhammad: The Last Prophet is an animated movie produced by Badr International and directed by Richard Rich. The movie was released in limited cinemas in the United States and the United Kingdom. The movie focuses on the early days of Islam and Muhammad.

Like in The Message, an earlier live-action film, Muhammad is not depicted. So whenever he is spoken to, or is in a scene, the character speaking to him faces the camera.

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