The Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments, is a cult founded by Joseph Kibweteere and Credonia Mwerinde in Uganda.


The MRTC was founded in 1989, after Joseph and Credonia met and learned that they both supposedly had visions of the Virgin Mary over the course of their lives. They believed that an apocalypse was coming and that the only way to survive it was strict adherence to the Ten Commandments. Members were restricted from speaking to the point of sign language in order to avoid breaking the Ninth Commandment. Sex was also forbidden under all circumstances. It was also believed that the World would end in the year 2000 which was dictated in their holy text: A Timely Message from Heaven: The End of the Present Time. In 1997, the group had nearly 5000 members.

On January 1st 2000, the apocalypse that was predicted did not happen and many members began to drop out. Joseph and Credonia declared the March 17th would be the end of the world. Many embers gathered that day in the Church at the town of Kanangu. The church errupted in flames, believed to be set off by a bomb in the church. The bodies were examined to show that most of the people had died from poisoning as well. The total death count of the group is 778. Many believe the explosion was set off by the leaders of the cult, yet it is unsure if this was a mass murder or a mass suicide, due to the poisonings.