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The Mosque of Bab ul Islam is located in Tacna, Peru. It was founded in 2000 by Pakistanis immigrants and is the only Islamic construction in the country. The Mosque Bab-ul-Islam is a mrt piece of construction at the heart of City and is now one of the attractions of Tacna. It also accompanied by a formal Islamic School for muslim childrens along with the education of latest technologies. It is currently being built by Sher Afzal Khan Barikoti who is building a Shah Wali-Ullah School of Sciences alongside it. Pictures of both constructions can be seen on his Wikipedia page.

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Coordinates: 18°1′11.5″S 70°15′24.5″W / 18.019861°S 70.256806°W / -18.019861; -70.256806

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