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Rabbi Mordechai Leifer (died 1895) was a great-great-grandson of Rabbi Meir "The Great" of Premishlan and served as Grand Rabbi of Nadvorna. He was raised by his great uncle, the famous Rebbe Meir'l of Premishlan. Hasidim from all over Hungary and Romania would come to receive his blessings. An extraordinarily large number of his descendants became Hasidic rebbes, including many around the world today. His teachings are collected in Gedulas Mordechai, Tiferes Mordechai, Aspaklarya Hameira, and Maamar Mordechai.

His wife, Rebbitzen Chaya (d.1891), was the daughter of Rabbi Shmuel Shmelka Taubes, Chief Rabbi of Yas and author of the To'afos R-eim.

They were survived by six sons and one daughter, Rebbe Yitzchock Leifer of Stanislav, Rebbe Yisaschar Bertzi of Satmar, Rebbe Meir Rosenbaum of Kretchnif, Rebbe Aharon Moshe of Zolynia Lancut, his Successor-by-declaration Rebbe Yisroel Yaakov of Chust, Rebbe Yoseph Leifer of Niredhaus, and the Rebetzin Leah Bina Igra of Zolynia, who died childless.

There are close to 100 Grand Rebbes who claim descendancy from Rebbe Mordechai of Nadvorna.

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