Moore College

Moore Theological College, otherwise known as just Moore College, is the Theological Training Seminary for the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, Australia. It has a strong tradition of Conservative, Calvinist and Evangelical Theology.

It is one of the largest Anglican Seminaries in the world, with full-time enrollments in 2004 numbering in the hundreds. The College has had eleven Principals and over three thousand graduates. It has, in the past, also served to train ministers in the Presbyterian Church of Australia. It has also trained many Baptists who are sympathetic to the Reformed Faith.


Moore College was founded in Liverpool, New South Wales in 1856 by a former estate-holder Thomas Moore and Anglican Bishop of Sydney, Frederic Barker. In 1891 Moore College was moved to Newtown so that it could be near the University of Sydney. Since 1993, women have jointly enrolled with Mary Andrews College when they study at Moore. However, some of their training for ministry and their pastoral care are the particular responsibility of Mary Andrews College. Moore College has numerous buildings in the surrounding area. The latest building opened was the Broughton Knox Teaching Centre in 1994.

Well-known Moore College theologians and writers have included Peter O'Brien, Barry Webb, Graeme Goldsworthy and Paul Barnett. Through the influence of Moore College, Sydney Anglicanism has maintained its unique evangelical perspective within World-wide Anglicanism.


The college runs the bookstore Moore Books, which provides low cost Christian books to students and the public.



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