Modern Atenism is a reconstructed religion based on the practices of Ancient Egypt as developed under the reforms of Akhenaten. While it is reconstructed, it is also an evolving religion that combines ancient and modern practices to create a new, living religion.


Atenism, also known as the Amarna Heresy, is one of the earliest, and well-documented, monotheistic religions which is associated with the eighteenth dynasty Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (better known as Akhenaten). During his reign it was the state religion for roughly twenty years, until subsequent rulers returned to the more traditional polytheistic religion of Ancient Egypt and erased Akhenaten and Atenism from their records.

Individual Traditions

Akhetaten Fellowship

Founded in 2001, it is the oldest Atenist group known to date. For the first couple of years of its existence there was a good sized following until disagreements led to many people to leave. Since that time there has been various surges of activity. At various points individuals other than the founder took over control of the site, but it has reverted back to the original founder as of February, 2009.

There are no formal beliefs, and all Atenists are welcome on their forum. Within the forums the founder has posted what his beliefs regarding Akhenaten and Atenism are.

The Temple of Aten

The Temple of Aten is home to the Orthodox Atenist assembly, and it is through the Temple that its directives on Atenism and Atenist life are given to its followers from Akhenaten, through His Vizier, His Seers, and His Renunciates for the purpose of preparing worshipers of Aten for a place in the celestial realms in the presence of Aten, to live in bliss forever.

Aten is the One God of the Universe. Aten creates and sustains all life in every moment out of pure love and compassion. Aten is the Source of all life. Aten is where life flows from, Aten is where all life returns.

Orthodox Atenists believe in the real and transcendental nature of Akhnaten who founded Atenism in the Middle Kingdom of Egypt over 4000 years ago and who is alive and resides in the Horizon of Light. It is He who guides Orthodox Atenism from the Celestial Realms today.

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