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Mitzpe Shalem

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Mitzpe Shalem
Mitzpe Shalem2
Founded 1970
Founded by Nahal
Region Dead Sea
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Coordinates 31°34′6.24″N 35°24′3.24″E / 31.5684°N 35.4009°E / 31.5684; 35.4009Coordinates: 31°34′6.24″N 35°24′3.24″E / 31.5684°N 35.4009°E / 31.5684; 35.4009

Mitzpe Shalem (Hebrew: מִצְפֵּה שָׁלֵם‎, lit. Shalem Lookout) is an Israeli settlement a kibbutz about 1 km from the western shores of the Dead Sea in the eastern occupied West Bank. It is the southernmost community in the Megilot Regional Council. It is located near Highway 90 and about 13 miles north of Ein Gedi.


The community was founded in 1970 as a Nahal settlement and was inhabited as a kibbutz in the Ihud HaKvutzot VeHaKibbutzim in 1976. Today is belongs to the Kibbutz Movement. It was named after Natan Shalem who investigated the Judean Desert, where the kibbutz is located. As of 2007, the population is about 200 people, of which 59 are official members.


The economy of the kibbutz depends on agriculture and tourism. In agriculture, the kibbutz has an orchard of palm trees with an area of about 400 dunams and a coop for raising turkeys. Tourism includes the Mineral Beach of the Dead Sea, with its sulfur-enhanced baths, and an organized swimming beach, and a motel named for the nearby Dargot Cliffs.

AHAVA manufactures cosmetics based on minerals from the Dead Sea. A factory for refining these chemicals is located in the kibbutz.

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Coordinates: 31°34′6.24″N 35°24′3.24″E / 31.5684°N 35.4009°E / 31.5684; 35.4009cs:Micpe Šalem

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