Mirozhsky Monastery – a 12th-century monastery complex in Pskov, Russia, famous for its frescoes, located in The Christ's Transfiguration Cathedral. The name of the monastery is derived from the name of the Mirozha river, near which it’s situated.

The ancient buildings, with the exception of The Christ's Transfiguration Cathedral, have not survived. Nowadays the architectural ensemble consists of:

  • Christ's Transfiguration Cathedral (12th — beg. of the 20th c.)
  • Prior’s house (16th —19th c.)
  • Stefan's Church (17th c.)
  • dorter, lit. “Fraters’ House” (end of 18th—19th c.)
  • cells (17th—19th c.)
  • bathhouse (beg. of the 19th c.)
  • fence (1799—1805)

The exact date of the founding of the monastery is not known. Traditionally, it is considered to be the mid-12th century and is associated with the name of Nifont, Bishop of Novgorod.

The monastery, located 20 minutes walk from the Pskov Krom (the other name for Kremlin), was one of the cultural centers of the city, comprising:

  • library
  • scriptorium
  • icon workshop.


ru: Мирожский монастырь

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