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According to historian Denis Gril, the Qur'an does not overtly describe Muhammad performing miracles, and the supreme miracle of Muhammad is finally identified with the Qur’an itself.[1] However, Muslim tradition credits Muhammad with several supernatural events.[2] For example, many Muslim commentators and some western scholars have interpreted the Sura 54:1-2 to refer to Muhammad splitting the Moon in view of the Quraysh when they had begun to persecute his followers.[1][3] This tradition has inspired many Muslim poets, especially in India.

Another miracle relates to a mosque near Muhammad's home in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Muhammed was approached by two Jewish men and asked to prove his prophetism to them. Muhammad asked the two men to go to a tree and as he was calling them, the trees, raised themselves, moved towards Muhammad and bowed down to him. [4]

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