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Mindy Gledhill is a popular singer and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon or LDS Church). Mindy spent her early years in Eureka, California, surrounded by musical genres from classical to rock. When she was 13, the family moved to Spain, where her father was a mission president for the Church. In Spain, Mindy's cultural horizons broadened, and she was exposed to passion in music. The family relocated to Utah when Mindy was 16.

In Utah, Mindy began voice training. She majored in media music in college. She met and married Ryan Gledhill, and together they have two beautiful blond sons.

Mindy's first album, The Sum of All Grace, proved to be an inspirational, faith-based endeavor—an artistic response to the challenges of being a wife, mother, student, and a spiritual being. It also reflected her “less is more” aesthetic, presenting arrangements that focus more on vocals and lyrics than on ornamentation. Her effort resulted in two Pearl Awards (Best Inspirational Album, New Recording Artist) in 2005, followed by another Pearl Award (Best Inspirational Song) in 2006 for her contribution on a compilation album. Consequently, some assumed that Mindy only wanted to be a Christian artist. But our heroine felt there was more to music—and to personal experience—than could be contained by a single musical category. So she left her label to explore new avenues as an independent artist (Official Website).

Her second album, Feather in the Wind, explores a greater range of musical and vocal styles. Mindy is working on a third album, to be released some time in 2009. She juggles family life with recording in Los Angeles and Nashville.



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