Mina is a desert location situated some 5 kilometres to the east of the Islamic holy city of Mecca (Makkah) in Saudi Arabia. It stands on the road from Mecca's city centre to the Hill of Arafat.

Mina Overview

Tents at Mina

Mina is best known for the role it plays during the annual Hajj pilgrimage, when its tent cities provide temporary accommodation to millions of visiting pilgrims. In the valley of Mina is the Jamarat Bridge, the location of the Stoning of the Devil ritual, performed between sunrise and sunset on the last day of the Hajj. Mina is where Pilgrims would go to stone where the devil was as this is where it is said that Ibrahim stoned the devil that came between him and the command that Allah set him. Most pilgrims at Hajj walk around the Kaba 7 times, then visit the Well of Zamzam. Usually they spend their first night in the Valley of Mina. Also in the city of Mina they usually have a zamzam well near by.This ritual occurs on the eighth to twelfth day of hajj.

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Coordinates: 21°24′48″N 39°53′36″E / 21.41333°N 39.89333°E / 21.41333; 39.89333

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ar:منى az:Mina (dağ) cs:Mináid:Mina, Arab Saudijv:Mina hu:Mina (Szaúd-Arábia) ml:മിന ms:Minaru:Мина (долина)

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