Mikel Koliqi (September 29, 1902 – January 28, 1997) was an Albanian cardinal and bishop of the Roman Catholic Church. He was born and died in Shkodër (Shkodra), Albania.


Mikel Koliqi studied philosophy and Roman Catholic theology in Milan, Italy. He was ordained as a priest on May 30, 1931, and worked afterwards in the diocese of Shkodra. In 1936, he became Vicar-General of the diocese. He created the Cathedral School, became publisher of a Catholic weekly newspaper and wrote stage plays.

After 1945, he spent 21 years in prison at hard labour as a political prisoner of the communist regime. He was accused of listening to foreign radio stations and (something) Catholic Youth. In 1986, he was released from prison because of his age.

Pope John Paul II named him a cardinal deacon in 1994 for the church Ognissanti in via Appia Nuova.

He is buried in Shkodër's Koliqi

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