Midreshet Aviv is a Midrasha in Tel Aviv. It was founded in 1996 in conjunction with the Talpiot Michlala, so as to “prepare the next generation of Israeli teacher / educators, and intended as a warm, family like Midrasha, where young women may study Torah for its own sake, while gaining an understanding that is Torah true”.

The Midrasha offers several programs.

  • A full program of Torah study.
  • A program allowing students to combine their religious studies with other interests.
  • A program for women aged 22-23 with previous backgrounds in Torah Study.
  • A program aimed at specialization in the therapy based professions, intended to allow practitioners to introduce torah based techniques to their professions.

The Midrasha and its students are continuously involved with community based work centred in Tel Aviv, an opportunity to strengthen Torah values in the Gush Dan area.

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