Michele Giordano (born September 26, 1930 in San Arcangelo, Italy) is the archbishop emeritus of Naples, Italy, and a Cardinal-Priest of San Gioacchino ai Prati di Castello of the Roman Catholic Church.

Legal affairs

Loan sharking

In 1999, he was charged with funneling church funds to his brother in what prosecutors alleged was a loan sharking ring. He was acquitted of those charges in December 2000.

Illegal subdividing

In 2002, he was convicted and sentenced to four-and-a-half months confinement on charges of illegally subdividing a historic place. That case centered around his decision to convert property bequeathed to the church into apartments instead of creating a home for retired priests, as the heiress who bequeathed the property had wished. The criminal conviction was rejected by Italy's highest criminal court on 28 April 2005. [1]


Styles of
Michele Giordano
CardinalCoA PioM
Reference style His Eminence
Spoken style Your Eminence
Informal style Cardinal
See Naples (emeritus)


la:Michael Giordanono:Michele Giordanopt:Michele Giordano

ru:Джордано, Микеле

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