Styles of
Michael Petros III Kasparian
Mitre (plain)
Reference style His Beatitude
Spoken style Your Beatitude
Religious style Catholicos
Posthumous style Not Applicable

Michael Petros III Kasbarian was from Aleppo, Syria.

Kasbarian was a member of the Order of St. Antoine.

During his time at Bzommar there was not a church. All the big events took place at Kreim. He limited all outside activities, focusing on the Seat and its responsibilities. He began construction on the monk’s church at Bzommar in 1761 completing it in 1771. He worked diligently on expanding the convent at Bzommar, becoming the largest construction area on the mountain.

Michael Petro III found the need for missionaries to carry the message to neighboring countries. Missionaries that served the patriarch were not typically members of the St. Antoine Order as the Order desired to raise up those who would become patriarchs rather than teach missionaries.


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Preceded by
Hagop Petros II Hovsepian
Patriarch Catholicos of Cilicia
Succeeded by
Basile Petros IV Avkadian

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