Michael Lee Ivins (born March 17, 1963 in Omaha, Nebraska) is a Jewish American musician. He is the bassist and one of the founding members of The Flaming Lips.

Along with Mark Coyne and Wayne Coyne, Ivins formed The Flaming Lips in 1983 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. According to Wayne, Michael was found as the bassist for the band because of his punk-rock look, and not because of his musical ability. In fact, Michael initially couldn't play bass, but he learned how to and has been the bassist for the band ever since. Michael developed an interest in the recording process and has helped engineer the Flaming Lips' studio recordings since 1994.

One of his lesser-known musical endeavors was acting as fill-in bassist for Youth of Todays 1988 United States and European tours. [1]

Ivins often wears a full-body skeleton suit, commonly recognized as a Halloween costume in tribute to John Entwistle He wore this costume when The Flaming Lips performed at the 2008 VH1 Rock Honors, which paid tribute to The Who.

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