Mian Jamal(d. 1650), a pious Muslim was an admirer of Guru Arjan. His name appears in Guru Arjan's composition Chaubole, addressed to four devotees, namely Samman, Musan, Jamal and Patarig. The Guru exhorts Jamal to sec what beauty emerges from humility. In the mud in the low pit grows the handsome lotus. Likewise, says the line, a truly humble heart gives birth to noble action. According to Sikhdn di Bhagat Maid, MTan Jamal formally embraced the Sikh faith and received spiritual instruction from Guru Hargobind. Bhai Kahn Singh, Gurushabad Ratndkar Mahdn Kosh, mentions one Jamal, a fakir of Lahore and a brother of one Kamal, a KashmTri Muslim of spiritual attainments, who remained in attendance upon Guru Hargobind at Kiratpur. Probably this Jamal is the same MTari Jamal. He died in AD 1650.

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