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District North
Government Local council (from 1957)
Hebrew מִעִלְיָא
Arabic معليا
Population 2,700 (2006)
Area 1365 dunams (1.365 km2; 0.527 sq mi)
Founded in Prior to 1160[1]
Coordinates 33°1′30.57″N 35°15′34.41″E / 33.0251583°N 35.2595583°E / 33.0251583; 35.2595583Coordinates: 33°1′30.57″N 35°15′34.41″E / 33.0251583°N 35.2595583°E / 33.0251583; 35.2595583

Mi'ilya (Arabic: معليا‎, Hebrew: מִעִלְיָא‎) is a Arab local council in the western Galilee in the North District of Israel. Its name during the Crusader era in Palestine was Castellum Regis.[1] All of its inhabitants are Christians.


Archaeological excavations in Mi'ilya gives indication of inhabitation from the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age, as well as Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Crusader, Mamluk and Ottoman periods.[2]

King's castle


King's castle, in 2009

The King's castle in Mi'ilya dates back at least to 1160, when King Baldwin III of Jerusalem granted title to it to a certain John of Haifa and his heirs. In 1182, Baldwin IV granted it to his uncle, Jocelyn III. At this time it was called "The new castle in the mountains of Acre". By 1187, the castle fell to Saladin. Later, in the early 1200, ownership passed to the Teutonic Knights. However, the importance of the castle of Mi'ilya was by this time superseded by the Montfort Castle.[3]

Establishment of village

The modern village of Mi'ilya was established some centuries ago by Catholic Christians from South Lebanon, founded on the site the 12th century Crusaders fort. After the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, Mi'ilya was incorporated into the newly established State of Israel. It was recognized as a local council in 1957.[4]

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