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Mevo Hama

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Mevo Hama
Hebrew מְבוֹא חַמָּה
Founded 1968
Council Golan Regional Council
Region Golan Heights
District North
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Coordinates 32°44′13″N 35°39′18″E / 32.73694°N 35.655°E / 32.73694; 35.655Coordinates: 32°44′13″N 35°39′18″E / 32.73694°N 35.655°E / 32.73694; 35.655
Population 336 (2006)

Mevo Hama (Hebrew: מְבוֹא חַמָּה‎) is an Israeli settlement, kibbutz, in the southern Golan Heights. The southernmost village in the Golan, it is located 2 kilometers (1 mi) from the Sea of Galilee at a height of 350 meters (1,148 ft) above sea level, it falls under the jurisdiction of Golan Regional Council.


The second Israeli settlement established in the Golan after the Six-Day War in 1967, it was built on a Syrian military base called "Emrit Ez Edeen", from which the Syrians had fired at the kibbutzim on the border (Ein Gev and HaOn). In January 1968, some members of the surrounding kibbutzim gathered and decided to establish a new settlementin that area. So in September that year they colonized the ruins of the base. In 1971 groups of young people from Israel, Australia and England joined them too. The name of the settlement was given to it by the author Mattityahu Shalem and its meaning is where the sun comes from (meaning East).

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