Saint Metrophanes was the bishop of Byzantium from 306 to 314. He may have retired from his episcopacy and died as late as 326.

There is a tradition that, before his death, the Emperor Constantine I bestowed upon him the honorary title of Patriarch; however, Byzantium did not become the capital of the Empire until 330 (when it was renamed New Rome or Constantinople), and the see was not elevated to a patriarchate until 451.

Metrophanes has been canonized a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church. His feast day is June 4.

His predecessor as Bishop of Byzantium was Probus, son of Dometius and Metrophanes may have been the son of Probus.[1]


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ka:მიტროფანე (ბიზანტიის ეპისკოპოსი)

sr:Митрофан Цариградски

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