The Messe des pêcheurs de Villerville (Mass of the fishermen of Villerville) is a missa brevis written by Gabriel Fauré in collaboration with his former pupil André Messager. The composers worked together[1] on the mass in the summer of 1881.

The sections of the mass run as follows:

  1. Kyrie (Messager)
  2. Gloria Benedictus (Fauré)
  3. Sanctus (Fauré)
  4. O Salutaris (Messager)
  5. Agnus Dei (Fauré)

The first performance took place in Villerville on 4 September 1881 accompanied by a harmonium and a violin. The concert and was in aid of the fishermen's charitable association. Messager orchestrated the first four sections, and Fauré the last. A second performance, this time accompanied by orchestra, was given in Villerville the following year.

In 1907 Heugel & Cie published a version of the mass, removing Messager's sections, and incorporating a new Kyrie by Fauré; this version appeared under the title Messe basse.

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