In Greek mythology, Memphis (Ancient Greek: Μέμφις) was the female eponym of Memphis in Egypt. The name was attributed to several distinct characters, namely:

  • Memphis, daughter of Nilus, accordingly a Naiad Nymph. She was the wife to Epaphus and mother of Libya and Anippe or Lysianassa. She and her husband were the legendary founders of Memphis, which bears her name.[1]
  • Memphis, one of the many consorts of Danaus, mother of the Danaids Chrysippe, Sthenele and Cleite.[2]
  • Memphis, daughter of the Egyptian king Uchoreus, who was said to have founded the city and named it after her, and mother by Neilus of Aegyptus, the eponym of Egypt (apparently distinct from Aegyptus, brother of Danaus).[3]


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