District South
Government Local council (from 1987)
Hebrew מֵיתָר
Name meaning string (of a tent, reflected in logo)
Also spelled Metar (officially)
Population 6,900[1] (2006)
Area 16696 dunams (16.696 km2; 6.446 sq mi)

Meitar (Hebrew: מֵיתָר‎) is a small local council north-east of Beersheba, in Israel's Southern District. The town lies on Highway 60 just south of the Green Line on the southern edge of Mount Hebron, alongside the Yatir Forest.

According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, the population of Meitar was 6,900 at the end of 2006.[1] Its area is 16,696 dunams (~16.7 km²). It is ranked very highly on the Israeli socio-economic scale, with a score of 9/10.[2]

The area drew national attention during the Shai Dromi trial.


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Coordinates: 31°19′N 34°56′E / 31.317°N 34.933°E / 31.317; 34.933

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