Megilot Regional Council, also called Megilot Dead Sea Regional Council or Dead Sea (Megilot) Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית מגילות‎, Mo'atza Azorit Megilot) is a regional council in the Judean desert near the western shores of the Dead Sea. It covers six Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

With only and 1,000 residents, it is Israel's smallest regional council.[1] Its municipal offices are located in Vered Yeriho.

Most residents of this council work in agriculture and tourism, and some are also employed for the Ahava cosmetics company.

The name "Megilot" means "scrolls. It refers to the fact that the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in Qumran, which lies within the council's governing area, near Kalia

Communities in the council

There are six communities in the council: four kibbutzim, one moshav, and one other community;



Other community


  1. Population Summary Tables 2005 Central Bureau of Statistics

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Coordinates: 31°49′34.17″N 35°25′56.52″E / 31.8261583°N 35.4323667°E / 31.8261583; 35.4323667

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