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District North
Government Local council
Hebrew מַזְרַעָה
Arabic المزرعة
Name meaning "Farm"
Also spelled Mazra'ah (officially)
Population 3,400 (2005)
Head of municipality Qasim Awwad
Founded in 1896
Coordinates 32°58′59.16″N 35°5′51.42″E / 32.9831°N 35.0976167°E / 32.9831; 35.0976167Coordinates: 32°58′59.16″N 35°5′51.42″E / 32.9831°N 35.0976167°E / 32.9831; 35.0976167

Mazra'a (Arabic: المزرعة‎, Hebrew: מַזְרַעָה‎) is an Israeli-Arab town (local council) in northern Israel. The name means "Farm" in Arabic. It is located in between Acre and Nahariyya on the Mediterranean coast. The population is primarily Muslim, mainly of Turkish origins from modern Bursa, Turkey. The local council was founded in 1896, and separated from Matte Asher Regional Council in 1996, and proclaimed an independent local council.

Mazra'a is one of the only Arab coastal towns in the Western Galilee to have remained populated after the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.[1] It served as a collection point for villagers expelled from the neighbouring villages of al-Zeeb and al-Bassa, assaulted and depopulated during Operation Ben-Ami beginning on 13 May 1948, two days before the official outbreak of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.[1]

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