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Maurice Schumann (10 April 1911 in Paris - 9 February 1998 in Paris) was a French politician and hero of the Second World War who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs under Georges Pompidou in the 1960s and 1970s. Schumann was a member of the Christian democratic Popular Republican Movement.

Born to a Jewish father and Roman Catholic mother, he converted to his mother's faith in 1937.

He once said of France's fate when suffering the Allied bombing raids, ‘….and now we are reduced to the most atrocious fate: to be killed without killing back, to be killed by friends without being able to kill our enemies’.

During a meeting of the foreign ministers of the European Community in 1969, he stated France's conditions for Britain joining the community on its third application, i.e. questions of agricultural finance had to be settled first.

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Preceded by
Gaston Palewski
Minister of Scientific Research and Atomic and Space Questions
Succeeded by
Christian de La Malène
Political offices
Preceded by
Jean-Marcel Jeanneney
Minister of Social Affairs
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Michel Debré
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Succeeded by
André Bettencourt
Cultural offices
Preceded by
Wladimir d'Ormesson
Académie française
Seat 13

Succeeded by
Pierre Messmer

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