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Mauberge Abbey was a Benedictine cloister at Maubeuge, in northern France now close to the border with Belgium. It was founded around 661 by Aldegonde.[1][2] There was a convent there until 1791. The initial foundation was a double monastery (for men and women).

Aldegonde was abbess there until 684. Later Hildoard, bishop of Cambrai, conveyed her relics there.[3] Her immediate successors were her nieces, Aldetrudis being the second abbess[4].

Amalberga of Maubeuge joined Maubeuge later in the seventh century.

Maubeuge was made a royal abbey in 864, under the Treaty of Meersen dividing Lotharingia[5]. In the eleventh century the abbess was a powerful local figure[6].



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